Sub 18 on a belt.

As I mentioned last time, I was shooting for a sub 18 5k this year. Well I unofficially and unexpectedly got it over the weekend. Since it wasn’t in an actual “race”, it doesn’t really count.( Hey, I like to see my name with an official race time by it). On Sunday, in the middle of 8 miles on the treadmill, I ran a 17:59 3.1 miles segment.  I devised a training plan for the Cherry Creek Sneak that involves 2 X 2mile repeats at goal race pace every other week. I alternate this workout with mile repeats faster than goal race pace so I am always doing speedwork every week.  

I was dragging a bit and hoping my warm up would shake me up. It didn’t. So I dutifully  began my first interval. A few minutes in, I was tempted to change the workout… I am sure I could’ve done the workout as prescribed but the thought of doing one 3 mile segment sounded so much more appealing. So I went for it.  With fast/ challenging workouts I do a little test. I just tap the front panel of my treadmill at various times. If I have to reach for it, that means I am further back on the belt, I’m having trouble keeping up and the pace is a little too fast.  I was doing a good job of holding my goal race pace and feeling alright, the front panel remaining always in reach.  I hit mile 2 in a little over 11:30 and was happy I was cruzin. A few minutes later I realized I would probably be near 18 if I went ahead and ran the extra .1.  I kept the pace wanting to maintain a consistent workout. When I hit 3.1 miles, I stopped my stopwatch and saw the time.  Nailed it.

It wasn’t my intent but It was a great indicator of fitness. Being able to run a sub 18 any time of year is encouraging but on a treadmill, during a workout, knowing I wasn’t going all out…it’s all bonus.  I’m even more excited for my upcoming 5k next month when I can do it for real.